SVDP Hernando/Citrus District
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Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance is available for most who are in need of help. In Hernando & Citrus counties they can initiate the process by calling the SVDP conference nearest their residence.

  • Emergency Assistance Procedure
  • Client calls the church nearest their residence. They are asked to leave their Name, Phone Number and Type of Assistance Needed.
  • The caseworker who receives the data will determine if the individual has been helped previously, when they have been helped and if they reside within the conference's boundary.
  • If the client is within the boundaries and they are elgible for assistance, the caseworker will proceed to contact the client to gain further information and set up a time to make a home visit if required otherwise the caseworker will provide the assistance needed.
  • If the client is not elgible for assistance a phone call is made to the client to explain why SVDP cannot help. At this time the client is given other referral numbers that may be of help.
  • At the time of the home visit if required, the caseworkers (always work in pairs) will get personal & financial information from the client.
  • After getting the information the caseworkers may make a decision at that time and inform the client of their decision. If they cannot make a decision at the time of the visit the client will be will be given an estimate of the time when they will be informed of their decision.